stuck on the wall

Why does it feel like I've been gone for months?!  It's been a while that's for sure. Just a brief post today.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (lilly_101)  have already seen this picture. 
Basically, I'm in all-inspiration-has-escaped-me kind of stuck. I though I knew what to do with this wall but as it turns out I don't. Insta friends have given me some great suggestions. This is not the best picture (taken with iPhone) but you get the idea of how far, or not very far, I have gotten with the living room. The top right frame still needs a picture in it. 

I used to have three long shelves (from Ikea) with pictures on it before. Even though I really liked the way it looked I need something new. Change, change, change.....

I'm also thinking about getting another small petals pillows (it's from Pier 1). Yay or Nay? 

So if you have any suggestions for moi I would be more than happy to hear your expertise ;)

Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday! 


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