Outfit // Side Street Sitter

Some of my favorite people watching ever has most definitely been done on the stylishly-walked streets of SoHo. I could just sit there for hours listening to music and observing the numerous people walking by about their day. The energy in this part of town is always abundant and I just love being a part of it.  Anytime I am having a bad day or feeling homesick I always come here and all those feelings are  simply wiped away. Doing this is basically my equivalent of long drives on the highway, windows down, blasting tunes... an activity I often enjoyed back in Texas. It's piece of solitude amongst chaos  and I'll never be too busy to set time aside for moments like this.

Anyway, enough rambling. I have been looking forward to showing you all this little mini dress I thrifted when I went back down south a few weeks ago. When I found it in the thrift shop it was anything but mini... it went all the way down to my ankles and was about ten sizes too big. But I saw the potential in it (I couldn't say goodbye to that beautiful print!) and took it home for some mending. Now it is one of my favorite itty bitty dresses to pair with rugged denim and boots. 

Hope you all are having a lovely Wednesday! 

wearing: dress & bag- Vintage; boots c/o Dolce Vita; hat c/o Block Headwear; necklace c/o Fred Flare; headphones- Urban Ears; Turqouise ring c/o Robyn Rhodes


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