Currently crushing

There is always something, isn't there?!  I know some of you have emailed me and wanted me to continue such post so here it goes.  Some of these items I already own, some I just picked up and some are still calling my name. 

J.Crew - take 30% off all sale items with code "MUSTSHOP"  Ends: 9/7
All items below are on sale. 

Optic-dot boat neck tee - I purchased both colors (white is sold out) but I actually like the blue/green better. Now only $21

Elbow sleeve tee - I love a good plain tee and this one looks perfect under blazers. 

Striped top - almost purchased this one...until Mr. asked "don't you already have one like it". No, but quite similar. ;)

Dot leather iPhone case - Looked at this one last week but it was not on sale in stores (in color Bright Spearmint). Even though it's leather I wasn't willing to pay $40 but now it's on sale (online at least). 

No. 2 Pencil skirt in double wool serge - comes in few different colors. Really like Spicy Gold and Crimson Maple would be perfect for Fall. 

Gingham shirt - Ugh sold out already?!  

Peep toe heels - Great for Summer and Fall..just add some tights. 

 Oh, and I'm totally getting these. Ah, too cute!

Now onto The Limited

The Limited is running a promo - Skirt, Jackets or Pants - Buy one get one FREE! 

Snake Print skirt - (mine is Size 2) Decided to be wild and get this skirt. It fits SO much better than J.Crew one and it's cheaper. 

High-waist Pencil skirt - Last minute decided to go with Green instead. It's a great alternative to J.Crew one above but J.Crew one is a better quality. The Green, purple and pink ones are a better material than this yellow one (but it's not bad, it's just a bit thinner). 

Color block skirt - I was holding this one for 5min trying to make a decision. Might have to sleep on it and maybe, just maybe, go back. 

Soft Satchel - great color for Fall. (30 % off one bag, 40% off two bags, 50% off three bags)

Colorblock Satchel - this one is so pretty and looks way better in person. Had to talk myself out of it since I made a promise not to buy any bags (for a while) after receiving my beloved Rebecca Minkoff from Mr. 

Striped blouse - Timeless piece. Came home with me. It looks better in person, for real. 

So that's it for this week, or today.  What have you been crushing lately? 


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