Polka dot top and mustard skirt

Cardi: Express
Polka Dot Top: Old Navy
Skirt: The Limited (old)
Shoes: Marshalls
Necklace: JCPenny

I've been wearing these flats SO much. They are definitely my favorite pair of flats. Besides being super cute they are so comfortable. If I ever come across another pair they will be coming home with me (no, it won't be in October, the shopping ban is still on).  

Not sure if I will have time to do another post this week. The week has been super busy already plus we're leaving on Saturday for our vacation, so I have to finish packing and get few other things done. Like a million loads of laundry that's waiting for me in the basement. Our washer broke last week so we had to go at 8pm that night and buy a new one. They just delivered it this morning and I can't wait to use it (I've been wanting a new washer for a while now so I would be lying if I said I wasn't happy that the old one broke). 

 For some reason things keep breaking on me (things I wanted to replace anyways but couldn't justify replacing something that isn't broke). So when our vacuum broke I was SO happy.  Mr. got the Dyson and I LOVE it. After the first use the carpet looked like new. Amazing stuff and worth every penny. 
Never thought I would be so excited about a new washer and a new vacuum lol

While I'm on vacation next week a few ladies were so kind to volunteer and guest post for me.  I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to them. Make sure you stop by next week, starting Monday, and check out the guest posts.

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