Flowers on my Shoes

You know I am a sucker for florals, so how could I possibly pass these oxfords up? They
add a touch of playfulness to any outfit, and are just perfect for sprucing up an outfit too.
Find them on the new Modcloth Stylebook. Tons of other adorable pieces there as well :)
Anyways, some of you might have seen on my Twitter that I am moving back to the south
for a bit. Yes I will miss Philly and the little life I made there over the summer, but it does
feel really nice to be back in Texas. I just got back today actually, so I am very eager to see
all the familiar faces that I have missed so dearly! Plus I am excited for the beautiful
countryside back drop that used to always grace this blog. I can definitely see myself
going back to Philly or even New York in the near future, but for now this much needed
vacation is all I need. I've got some soul searchin' to do and this is the perfect place to do it.


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wearing: Becoming a Pattern Shoe c/o ModCloth
top - Vintage
jeans c/o James Jeans
bag- E-bay


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