...I'll make truffles instead...

Blazer: Marshalls
Skinnies: JCPenny
Gray Sweater: Old
Flats and Belt: J.Crew
Scarf: H&M

Yesterday was a rainy, gray day and therefore I had no desire to take pictures outside.  Instead I took the infamous work-bathroom-mirror pictures.  Better than nothing, right? Right. 

This whole shopping ban is slowly killing me. I'm almost done but I can hardly stand it anymore. I've lasted 27 days..... and I WILL last four more days...TUESDAY needs to hurry up!  I might not ever buy anything come Tuesday but just knowing that I CAN makes me feel better (I think I might have a problem).

Saturday I'm going to occupy myself by making Amaretto Truffles...and maybe I'll try Coconut Rum Truffles too. I'll go easy on the Rum (even though I've all the reasons in the world not to...maybe the Rum will make be forget about Saturday-Retail-Stores-hopping). 
I'll let you know how that goes. 



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