White denim make an appearance again

hmmm...not very work appropriate...but can be worn this way any other time
Top: F21
White Denim: Marshalls
Shoes: Macys
Belt: J.Crew
Bracelet: F21
Rings: Charlotte Russe

I wanted to wear these white denim pants again (as seen here, here, here) before the Summer is over (sorry guys, I know you don't want to hear anything about Summer being over....).  Up here mornings and evening have been a little chilly...at times it has been 55 degrees in the morning but it does warm but during the day.

There are SO many Summer clothes in my closet that haven't been touched this year. I have gotten rid of so much but there is more.  Apparently gaining a little weight goes straight into my hips or belly (ummm...I would like some more meat on my legs please)...which means most of my bottoms, skirts or pants, are tight or no longer can be zipped.  I'm cool about gaining weight but can it be muscle please?! Apparently I have to work out for that....and I so have a love/hate relationship with my gym (and I'm down to one gym membership, yay...talk about wasting $).

On a happy note...it's FRIDAAAAY!  
Yes, you can start singing Rebecca Black "Friday" song.  ;-)


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