Maxi skirt

Shirt: Tahari
Skirt: Max Studios
Flats: Gift from overseas
Flower pins: J.Crew
Necklace: The Limited
Ring: H&M

Friday is finally here!  Finally!

Tomorrow I'm planning to work on my "girly room". I decided to paint it, at least a wall or two, with a lighter color. I love the gray walls right now but I feel it needs a touch of...maybe pale pink? Peach?  As of right now I certainly do not know what color will be coming home with me today after I hit Home Depot after work.  I've "pinned" some ideas/inspirations but I think I get overwhelmed and can't decide (I recently decided on jump on the Pinterest wagon...still figuring the thing out). Uuuhh, decision!

Any ideas are welcomed, seriously :)

Have a fabulous hot weekend!


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