Fall outfit in Summer?

Blazer: Lauren Conrad @Kohls
Top: Marshalls
Jeans & Belt: Gap
Purse: Coach (gift)
Wedges - can't see them anyways
Necklace & Ring: F21

The fact that the weather is already changing (aka it's getting chilly outside) makes me appreciate Summer a little more, the little of what we have left of it (at least up here). 

My hubby is away on a business trip...until Thursday! You know what that means? Yea, three nights away from  him and I'm NOT liking it.  I don't know how people who have to travel a lot for work do it.  When I was single and had to travel for work I loved it, but being married and away from your spouse just isn't that fun. Thursday needs to hurry up and be here. 

Since Mr. is away,  my friend and I went out to dinner and "drinks" in our little downtown last evening (both of us had only one drink, I had a white wine peach sangria to be exact, and by 8 pm both of us were ready for bed...not much of a drinker...either one of us really). Sitting on the patio of a restaurant and watching people is great, always loved people watching. If it was a paid job I would be rich by  now. 

I'm blabbering away here...waaay pass my bed time.  I'm out! 



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