November Wishlist


The holidays are officially in full swing, so this month's wish list is of course quite fitting to the season's cheery mood. Complete with holiday dresses and cozy socks, I am reminded of a few reasons why I love this time of year the most. 

1.) wool scarves : You can never really have enough of them, especially chunky cable knit snoods.
2.) Menswear-inspired hats: I simply cannot get tired of hats. It always feels as though I need something on my head, and this one is just perfect to pair with my autumn color palette.
3.) Holiday Dresses: This one is perfect for upcoming holiday parties I will be attending in December. I love something glamourous and elegant for these types of occasions
4.) Cozy Socks: As I have mentioned before, I have a socks obsession. I love them in all shapes and sizes, and this pair is no exception!
5.) Cat iphone case: This needs no explanation.
6.) Vintage-inspired Loafers: Oh boy do I love a cute pair of loafers. Add some tassels on them like this pair and I cannot turn them down.
7.) Totes: Living in the city, it is hard to not become a bag lady. I am always in the search of cute totes to carry my groceries and such in. 

What is on your November wishlist?


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