Lately I have been... 

1.) Spending mornings with Eleanor and Christina, one of which always being extremely mischievous.
2.) Discovering the Christmas market at Union Square and just how magical (and crowded) it is.
3.) Accidentally wearing matching outfit with Christina and taking walks around our neighborhood.
4.) Indulging in gourmet pretzels... so good!
5.) Sipping on coffees to keep my hands warm in the increasingly cold NYC weather.
6.) Making apple pies with a Christmas twist, recipe to come.
7.) Admiring the beautiful leaves before the trees are left bear in winters presence. 
8.) Enjoying beautiful parks with this guy, one of our favorite things to do.
9.) Browsing records at Bleecker Bob's in Greenwich village. The selection is incredible!
10.) Making a cove of blankets on my balcony and keeping cozy with a warm coffee.

Things have been getting more and more busy for me these days, however I still always take time to stop and enjoy the small stuff. Hope you all had a wonderful week as well!


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