Lately I have been...

1.) Layering up on rings, namely this fox one from Emerging thoughts and silver pieces from Vanessa Mooney
2.) Admiring bodega flowers as usual while running errands around the city.
3.) Sleeping in on weekends and drinking coffee with this guy.
4.) Trying to teach this little lady to not drink out of human cups, even though it is so adorable.
5.) Hanging around the East Village with friends, staying warm at cafes.
6.) Indulging in truffle french fries at Brooklyn Pubs
7.) Letting flowers dry and becomming almost even more beautiful than when they were fresh.
8.) Obsessing over Sephora's red lip stain. Best thing out there.
9.) Cleaning my room constantly. Somehow it never manages to stay organized.
10.) Taking in beautiful autumn sunsets on my balcony, wrapped up in sweaters and blankets.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!

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