Vintage time

I mentioned earlier this week about our trip to an Antique Store.  I've always loved and admired the 30's-50's style. Women always looked so nice and polished (from the movies of course). 

Totally would've bought this if it wasn't real fur...didn't want PETA coming after me! (it was only $25)

How adorable is this purse?! 

Almost bought this purse...carried it with me around the store just to put it back at the end. It was $17. It was a nice and small but I wasn't in love.

If I had a vintage room in our place I would've bought this picture.

And this little chair thingy was so cute.

Nice mirror but not for $550 (ok, it was 50% off but still)

My husband loved this little...settee...the shape of it...

I think I go through these "oh I love vintage", "oh I love contemporary" etc. phases...  There is something so special about vintage pieces, whether it's clothing or furniture. 

Do you like vintage, clothing or furniture? 

p.s. We got a snow storm last night so work was called off. I've been stuck inside all day (organized my closet, again and got rid of even more clothes).  But I did shovel a bit...I actually enjoy it :o




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