Not today's outfit!

I actually liked my outfit today. took pictures.they didn't turn out well. I liked my purple tights today.but you can't seem the true I thought why bother posting.I'll take pictures outside next time.
 Here is an outfit that has been on my phone...from last week.  And these picture aren't great either, but I like this skirt....

Skirt: Thrifted (made me feel so 50's)
Top: ? Old
Shoes: Nine West (going back, not very comfy/not true to size)
Belt: J. Crew

Next time I'll post some pictures that are actually a bit more clear!
Well, I'm pretty speechless tonight, I got nothing to say. The whole day has been weird. Right after I came home from work I took a bubble bath..for 1.5h.and then craved some sweet potato fries (baked).hubby was awesome as usual and made me some. My belly happy. I'm happy.

Nite nite.


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