As promised, here are photos from the foggy day I told you
all in the last post. They are shot on 35mm film, which I
have not done in quite a while. I love all the little imperfections
and uncertainty that film photography entails. I went up on
the mountain to take these photos, and you couldn't even see
the entire town because the fog was so thick. Since then, the
whole town has transformed into a winter wonderland,
and school has already been canceled for two days. Of course
you can expect some more snow photos in the next post.
Luckily, I am snowed in with a little group of the best people
in town! Aka, my lovely friends.

Oh and just so you know, the last photo of me holding
hands is with the boy I was with last year. He doesn't make
many appearances on the blog anymore, but those who are
wondering, we are still quite happy.

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! And if you got hit
by the snow storm, stay warm.

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