OOTD: Something bright

Back to work-bathroom-mirror pictures...just for today (ok, it'll happen again I'm sure). Wednesdays are busy for me so no tripod pictures today!

Jean Top: Target
Skirt: The Limited
Booties: ? (forgot name, store closed)
Tights: Target
Belt: J. Crew
Bracelet: F21
Necklace: The Limited
Ring: Old

Sun is shining again today! It's supposed to be 50 tomorrow...and Monday back to snowing!
Doesn't the sun put a smile on your face?!  I've found myself being less irritated with people on the road that can't drive (you know you get that way too, don't deny it).  Even though I still wonder who in the world gave these people a drivers license now I smile why wondering that exact thing!  I'm sure they wonder the same thing about me. even though I'm a great driver just so you know. But then there is my H who tells me just because I drove on the Autobahn it doesn't make me a great driver (ummm.says who?)   ;-)

So let's all enjoy the sunshine with a smile on our faces.while.it.last. shall.we.


p.s. Ok, so the Sun has some amazing powers...but it didn't have the power to make me style my hair. Already twice this week yours truly was lazy too busy in the mornings to style it.  (I'm just giving my hair a break from all the heating gadgets really)


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