'Flashes of Style' Fashion Sketch

A few days ago I was pleasantly surprised to see that Visual Basic
presented me with a few fashion sketches! I have been amazed by
her work ever since I discovered her blog a few months ago. It is
such an honor to be featured on her blog! It's crazy how much the
sketches look like me, even my friends were amazed. So thanks
again Rachel! Check out her blog and the rest of her work here.

In other news, I am afraid I won't be able to outfit post anytime
relatively soon. Within 24 hours I have become extremely sick!
The kind of sick that you really cannot get out of bed. Honestly,
making this post was a huge effort. Thankfully Bridgette Jones
Diary just came on E!. At least the television gods are watching
after me.

Hope everyone has a better weekend than mine,
and hope you all at NYFW are having the time of your life!
And of course, Congratulations to all the people of Egypt. So
excited for you all right now.

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Via: Visual Basic


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