Sun and Shine

*Faux Leather Jacket: Macy's *Top: Candies-Kohls *Skinny Jeans: Target *Boots: Sam Edelman *Purse: Marshalls

Not sure why I didn't take the jacket off to show you how cute this top it is...but I'm sure I'll be wearing it again...real soon...with a skirt....most likely.

We're having a heat wave up here ladies, a real heat wave. It's a 42 degrees outside..crazy I know haha.
It's definitely nice to see some sun and warmer weather. It should keep getting warmer from here on but I highly doubt that's going to happen.

The sun puts me in a cleaning mood... (are you wondering why I'm sitting on the couch with the laptop in my lap?)  ummmm...actually...I'm wondering the same. I started cleaning...then wanted to look up a recipe....but ended up reading blogs...and now posting something. I better go....before I get sidetracked...again.

Enjoy this sunny Sunday...(well, what's left of it).



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