A (very) lazy Sunday.

Happy Sunday lovelies! Mine was indeed a very lazy one. After
having four snow days in a row, I think my brain has turned
into mush. I attempted to keep the intelligent thoughts flowing
during the break by reading here and there, but over all I spent
it with friends watching movies/walking to restaurants/being a
wine-o. But tomorrow is Monday, which is a start to a new
week that I swear to be productive in! I totally feel confident
that I will actually get things done this week.

Anyways, these
little lace-up boots here have made seldom appearances on le
blog, but they are my go-to item for extreme comfort.
I pair them with warm fuzzy socks typically, making an
unbeatable combination for laziness. Once again I paired this
cardigan with pale pink. It is my favorite color palette,and I
call it Pale Pink Oatmeal. Enough babbling... I don't want to
scare you all away due to the inner ramblings of Bonnie Barton.

Hope everyone has a lovely start to your week tomorrow!

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wearing: silence & noise cardigan; f21 dress & bag; H&M scarf; Who we see boots


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