Thursday afternoon craving: MK Wallet Cluth for iPhone

You can buy these beauties here

I'm loving these MK Wallet Clutches for iPhone. How perfect are they? Yes, perfect they are indeed! On days when you don't want to carry your purse with you this is grab-and-go (not that you can't put it in your purse as well).  For me this would be especially perfect for Summer. I don't like to carry my purse around when it's hot out, and again, this is perfect for hot those hot Summer days (don't worry I'm sure I would use it during other season as well).  I love both of it would be hard deciding which one to get....not that I'm getting one...but I'm thinking about surprising myself with one! What? You've never bought yourself a surprise gift?  You totally should!

Hope you're having a great Thursday!  AND WOOOOHOOOOOO for Friday almost being here. Can I hear a Wooohooo?  Woohooooo   ;-)




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