Prim & Proper

Hello and happy weekend everyone! This post is going to
be short and sweet for one simple reason: I have the worst
cold in the entire world, making my thoughts very foggy and
brain very tired. Basically, my head feels like a balloon. And
with that being said, I have been pretty out of it the past couple
days. I took these photos two days ago when I was in a much
more sane state of mind. This outfit is quite simple, but I
paired it with these patterned tights to add a bit of
uniqueness. I also couldn't resist pinning this bow to my
sweater for a quirky/cute feel. Oh and the last photo is very
silly, but I just had to show off my coral ring.

Okay that's all I can bare to say for now. Hope everyone
is having a lovely weekend and hope you will find me
in better spirits next post!

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wearing: thrifted sweater & belt; skirt courtesy of club couture; urban renewal bow; kimchi blue bag


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