OOTD: New dress

Dress: MANGO.com
Cardi: J Crew
Shoes: Nine West - DSW
Tights: Marshalls
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: JCPenny
Bracelet: Forever21

I tried this dress on when we were in Miami Beach back in September.  Little story: Hubby and I went to MANGO and a sales associate (a guy) said everything in store is 20% off.  Cool! I found a few items to try on and another sales associate (a female) showed me to the fitting room. She was basically standing outside fitting rooms and each time I came out to show my husband she jumped into our convo saying how great it looks (despite the fact that everything I picked out was a size too big on me). She got more annoying each time I came out of the fitting room to get my husbands opinion. The only item I liked was this dress. She said if I like it she might be able to give me a deal on it. I asked what kinda deal and she said I'll give you 10% off!!!! Seriously? That's funny because the guy said everything in store is 20% off (of course I told her that and of course she didn't have nothing to say to that). I took the dress off and left the store!
That is the one thing I disliked a lot about most of the stores in Miami Beach...extremely pushy sales people. Maybe it because they get so many tourists?! 
The good news is I found this dress online on sale for $50....yep, it was 50% off.

How do you deal with pushy sales people?



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