Grey Day

First of all, I wanted to share with you this lovely
drawing I received yesterday from Bipolar. I was
absolutely amazed at how intricate and detailed all
of her drawings are. Check out her work and the drawing

Secondly, apparently tomorrow is going to bring the ice/snow storm
of the century to my town, and I say bring it on! I took
these photos yesterday just as the gloominess began to set in.
Today it is foggy which is one of my favorite kind of days (I
know I am wierd). I can't wait to finish class and go take
some outfit photos in the beautiful mist! Anyways, this outfit
is very basic, and I felt that this dress has enough character that
a lack of accessories is appropriate. I received it courtesy of

As you can probably guess from the tone of this post,
I am indeed feeling much better and my cold is almost
completely gone. I hope everyone else is having as lovely
as a Monday as I am!

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wearing : dress courtesy of; f21 hat; Kelsey Dagger wedges; vintage bag


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