My "crazy" shorts

I don't care what anyone says, I love these shorts. I
thrifted them 2 summers ago and did a warm weather
post. Instantly I got a lot of mean anonymous comments,
namely one about my granny style haha. Anyways, it's
great to be able to wear them two years later in the winter!
I contemplated mixing them with another pattern but then
I decided- too crazy for me. Anyways, I had a great weekend and
tonight a few of my friends are coming back in town so its
going to be a SUPER girls night yay! Those are always

School is starting up again for me on Tuesday, so things
will start to get quite busy. With school, my internship, and work
things might get a little crazy but I solemnly swear to keep
up with the blog!

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wearing: thrifted shorts; pins & needles sweater; BDG bag.


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