I see the world through rose colored shades

Happy Friday everyone! Even though I have been on winter
break for the past month, there is always something about
Fridays that is just exciting. I have been road trippin' again
this weekend and right now I am in Missouri. It is FREEZING
here, but oh-so-beautiful. Trees as far as the eye can see.
I am staying with my boyfriends family, and we are about to
go get coffee/flea marketing yay! But before I go I had to
share this lovely vintage 60's dress with you all! I got
it the other day from my favorite vintage shop, The Grey
Dog, and I just cannot get enough of it. The peplums are just
incredible, and the unique print is what reeled me in. Sometimes
you just know, haha.

Well I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! Go on an
adventure, do something you have never done before. Or
just cozy up and watch a good movie. Whatever it is,
I hope its s good one!

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wearing: Vintage dress; Topshop oxfords; Silence & noise bag


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