New Beginnings

Yet another strange color combination from yours truly. In the
past few months I have really opened up to playing around
with various color schemes/colors I never used to wear. Brown,
black and pink just seemed to fit today. Anyways, I have found
something that genuinely makes me feel "cool". Not cute or neat,
just cool. And of course it is these Warhol shades I received as a
gift from 80's purple, 80's collection of sunglasses. They were
so kind to send me these and 6 other pairs as a new years gift.
Looks like I'll be set for the Summer. The other gem I have
been waiting to show you all is this vintage dotted sweater!
The pom-pom detailing definitely reeled me in. I have been
in search for something like it for quite some time.

Anyways, I titled this post 'New Beginnings' for a few
reasons. First of all, today I began my last ever semester
of school. The reality of it has not sunk in yet, and honestly
I don't think it will for a while. And secondly, I found out some
really great news today. As some of you guessed it, I went to
Philly a few weeks ago to meet with Urban Outfitters. Anyways-
I am going to be their Styling Intern this summer! I have
been so anxious about it for weeks, so as you can imagine I
was ecstatic when I found out the news. I'll let you all know
when I know more details. I still cannot believe I get to work
with the most talented people this summer.

Okay.. enough rambling. I hope you all are having
a great start to your week!

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wearing: Vintage sweater via Grey Dog Boutique; Asos peter-pan collar dress; Cooperate Skirt;
f21 bag; 6x6 No. 6 booties
; warhol shades, courtesy of 80's Purple


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