Requested fashion finds

When I find fabulous affordable pieces I feel like I need to tell everyone about it lol. I'm sure most of you know what I'm taking about.
Especially pieces I've been getting a lot of questions on, where to find similar pieces. So instead of just emailing back a few people and telling them about it I thought I would share it with all of you. Some of these pieces are similar to mine (ones I get a ton of questions on), and others I can't help but share (and maybe get one of each for myself ;)

Denim Shirt - Each time I find an affordable denim shirt they seem to sell out way too quick. So when I walked by AE yesterday and saw the denim shirt I knew I had to tell you all about it. Denim shirts have been extremely popular and I LOVE mine.  The price on this one isn't too bad either.

Old Navy two tone sweater - Just love this one and it comes in different colors. They didn't have it at my local  store unfortunately for me to try one. Love the Camel colored one as well.

F21 Striped skirt - I've received a few questions about my striped F21 skirts, mainly because they are not short and therefore are work appropriate. I didn't find either one online at F21 but found a great alternative. And it's under $11.  (check your local F21 store for the navy/white striped keen length skirt)

F21 Spiked Choker -  Just the right amount of "edgy".

Wedges - Saw these yesterday and just love them. Online description said 4" heel but to me it they did not look like 4". They have some great colors. Originally I was going to buy these pink ones just because they're so fun and different. But then I saw the green ones and then the blue ones... couldn't make up my mind but I think I like the blue ones the best. Aren't they just perfect for Summer?!? Yes they are.

Express Tote - I'm in love with this Tote. The color is perfect. I would probably use it for my laptop as well. Multipurpose!

Hope this answers some of the "where do I find this" requests :)

Happy Thursday! 


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