Julep and a quick Xen-Tan update

Skirt: H&M (couldn't find one like it online) (different print option at BR) (cool print here too
Shoes: Zara (similar at Aldo) (at Piperlime) (here for $40- comes in a ton of fun colors)
Bag: Coach (gift) (similar) (here at Amazon) (love this one)
Necklace: Target  (pretty option at F21) (another option
Bracelet: Thank you Christine (btw...LOVE LOVE this necklace, ah, so pretty)

Since this week the weather has been great I decided to wear my skirt...with bare legs. Finally!
  But that also means pasty white legs.
Couple of weeks ago I mentioned getting the XEN-Tan at Ulta so I though I'd give you a brief update on it.
In two words - I like!
A lot!
But, I'm going to use if few more times to see if I still like it. I'll be telling you more about it soon.

What is your favorite self tanner?

Also, I recently joined Julep (like I need more nail polishes) but I'm a sucker for pretty nails. And it doesn't help that their polish bottles are cute and sleek.

You can get can your intro box for only $ .01...yep, ONE CENT!
Click on this link to get your intro box!
(I have three so far, one of them is gold glitter and that's the first glitter nail polish that came off easily for me. Winner!)



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