Zara finds, leopard print flats...

I was a little bummed for not finding more cute stuff (in my size) at Zara. I bought a pair of Twill Drainpipe trousers ($40) and a long V-neck shirt with Floral Print.

I wore these to work yesterday and also with my new boots (previous post). Picture is from Zara's website. 
In the picture took the trousers look black but they are navy blue.

The adorable floral print top ($40)

I bought these leopard flats a week ago for $20 at Payless. Flats are by American Eagle and pretty comfy. 

Aren't they cute? Love 'em.

I also tried this pair of ankle boots at Zara and fell in love I thought but had serious doubts about getting them. I do like them a lot but wasn't sure if I would wear them as often as I should for the price...$110. My husband tried to persuade me to get them (as I kept talking about them lol) but I decided to pass. 

What do you think, should I have bought them? Or good thing that I didn't as I probably will find cheaper ones?!
I really would LOVE to find a pair of ankle boots for a decent price and 3" max heel height. 

Have you bought any booties yet? What were you/are looking for in a pair? 



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