Trip outfits - what to wear what not to wear?!?

I'm trying to get some outfits together for our trip to Miami. I usually just bring clothes I like and then create outfits and therefore have half a suitcase of unworn clothes. So this time I'm trying to plan better and pack less. I'm going to bring some extras just in case but definitely not half suitcase worth. Here are some outfits I had in mind. I'm planning on wearing flats most of the time and will probably bring only one pair of heels (not sure which ones yet). Anyway, please tell me what you think about these outfits...what would you add, what would you change, how to wear it differently.  Any suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. :-D

Shorts: H&M
Button Top: Marshalls
Black Shirt: Gap

Dress: Loft ($15) 
Different belt maybe? This one is brown. Definitely planning on wearing this dress with some flat sandals and not these wedges.

Dress: The Limited (from last year)

Some accessories needed. Shoes? Heels or flats?  You know I wanna hear flats haha

Tank: H&M
Pants: Elle - Kohls
Blazer: Marshalls
Sandalds: TJMaxx - few years old

With belt or no belt?  Maybe a cardi instead of the blazer?

I love this scarf and I was planning on wearing it on our way down as it gets little chilly in the plane. Maybe with a different outfit. Jeans perhaps? 

I will be trying few more outfits tomorrow as I'm doing a few loads of laundry and therefore missing a few other pieces I'm planning on taking.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts, suggestions :)



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