Leopard shoulder bag for less

Yesterday I made a quick stop at Forever21 hoping to find some cute tops. While looking around I saw this adorable leopard shoulder bag.  We all know leopard prints are hot right now and what I like about this bag is that the flap is black which makes it looks a little more sophisticated IMO. And the bag is only $20.80, what a deal.

I didn't end up buying this bag just because I got a new purse from my hubby on Monday (anniversary gift). Remember me talking about a leather Coach purse I saw a while back and fell in love with?  Well, I think my husband noticed how much I loved the purse as I kept talking about it on our way home that day. He went back to the store the next day and bought it for me and has been very good at hiding it from me ever since. He still won't tell me where he kept it, must be his new secret spot since I never found it. haha. I'll take a picture of the purse and post it soon.  Our anniversary is on the 19th and since we'll be out of town he wanted to give it to me before we leave.

I only ended up buying these tights, last pair they had. It was meant to be haha. Can't wait to wear them. Have I mentioned I love fun tights? Yes, I love 'em.

Also found this pair of booties on their website and I like them a lot. I love the fact that the heel height is 3.5" which means I can walk in them haha. And they are only $24.80. I'm going to call the store to check if they have them in stock, if not I'll be ordering this pair. I only wished they had half sizes.
And lastly....thinking about getting this blouse. Love the patterns on it. It's $27.80.

Have you bought anything with leopard prints lately? 



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