Floral Fall...oh..and my new boots ;-)

I don't think ever before was I excited to wake up and see rain outside! The reason for my excitement? It meat I get to wear my boots to work haha. I know, I know...rain is not really needed for that. It definitely make it totally alright to wear them though.

Blouse: Zara
Black Pants: Kohls - Mudd
Jacket: Old Navy (from last year)
Boots: Sam Edelman - gift from hubby :)
Purse: Coach -gift from hubby :)
Belt: Forever21
Scarf: H&M
Necklace & Ring: H&M

I believe the only thing I bought here are the pants, everything else hubby got me. He is best-est! ;-)

As you can see I didn't know which way to wear my scarf..in or out. It started with it in this morning but left for lunch with it out.  There are sooo many different ways to wear a scarf.

How do you like to wear your scarf?

Have a fabulous day!!!



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