Anniversary gifts

Today is officially the last day of Summer! And as you know I'm looking forward to Fall...and layers...and boots...and other wonderful things that come with Fall.

So remember how I fell in love with a pair of over-knee boots by Sam Edelman....and posted about them here first!? Well, yesterday when got home from Miami I went to take something to our bedroom and was gone less than couple minutes. I came down to living room and there was a big wrapped box. I have no idea where my husband hid the box or when he had a chance to put it in the living room...but he did a good job, AGAIN, at hiding the box from me. He got me those boots!!! Wooohooo! :-D
I'm so excited!!! He got me two things I REALLY wanted to have...the leather Coach bag and Sam Edelman over-the-knee boots. He is so awesome!!!

Without flash

With flash

They look way better in person than on photos...  With jeans they'll fit even better as there is tiny tiny bit of room.

I didn't take any good photos of the purse yet but here is a picture I have with it. Love it, so soft :)

Tomorrow I'll post the new leopard flats I got last week and two purchases from Miami.

Unfortunately I got a cold today, most likely on the plane as there were quite a few people coughing, sneezing and blowing their nose... So I'm going to catch some Zzzzzz's.

Good Night!



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