Back from Miami

We got back from Miami Beach today and I can't believe how fast 5 days went by. The weather was great every day, nice breeze even on the beach. We probably spent 5.5 hours total on the beach in 4 days... I just can't sit still haha. I love people watching so that kept me entertained. ;)  We had some AMAZING food and AMAZING desserts. If I lived there I would go broke and gain 100lbs.

We did just a little shopping...I mainly wanted to go to Zara since the closest one to us is 4h away, in Chicago.  I only bought two things as everything else I liked they did not have in my size. Seriously Zara?!? Little disappointed but at least I got something.  So pictures to come soon.

And of course I missed some catching up  to do! 

Hope all of you had a great Monday! 



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