Boot/booties craving(s)

This week needs to over, fast. I'm definitely looking forward to a 3-day weekend. Who in the world decided we need to work FIVE days a week and rest TWO?!? I think it would only be fair to work four days and rest three, don't you think? Hopefully one day, soon, I'll be able to go part-time at least.
Ok, I'm done complaining :)

Found some more cute boots/booties that I would like to see in my closet. They are all under $100 (except the L.A.M.B booties, they are $235 and sexy...the first pair).

I think all of these are adorable in their own way and can be worn with many fab outfits. And considering that all of them are under $100 makes me want to get a pair or two. I found them all on the same website...

Which pair do you like the most?

Have a fabulous rest of day!



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