A new thing I am going to start on this blog is a little weekly post of snippets of my life called 'Lately'. Too many memorable things happen each week to not keep track of those little special moments. So here you have it, things I'd like to share with you...

1.) Gregory and I, posing for the camera
2.) Decorating the apartment with flowers this week.
3.) Taking in beautiful views of my city... never gets old.
4.) Too many trips downtown. Exhausting but always worth it.
5.) Spending time with this guy, Ryan. Making grocery lists and making promises to finally start cooking more
6.) Stopped by the Paige denim preview and lusted over the rainbow of skinny jeans.
7.) Tempting to make floral headpieces, experimenting and finding the best methods of doing so.
8.) Enjoying sweater weather with Christina, people watching in our favorite Lower East Side spots.
9.) Drinking way too much coffee on my balcony at all times of day.

Hope you all enjoyed this little peek into my daily life, and hope you have a wonderful Saturday!


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