DIY // Make Your Own Floral Crown!

Lately many of you have been asking me how exactly I make those floral crowns that I have been wearing recently. I have gotten a few requests asking if I could make a tutorial, so I decided to make a simple post on how to make this DIY headband! So here we go...

First you will need a flower arrangement (real of fake) of your choice. If you are using fake flowers, I find that silk ones work best as they look the most realistic. You will also need a headband to wrap the flowers around, wire to attach them, and a hot glue gun to tidy up the floral frown for a finishing look.  

The first step is to cut off a flower, leaving about 5 centimeters of stem. This is necessary when attaching the flower to to the headband. Next you will cut off a piece of wire, about 6 inches long. Begin to wrap the wire around the stem of the flower, leaving a bit of slack. Then you will wrap the extra piece of wire around headband, with the stem on the bottom side of the band. Repeat until you have as many flowers as you'd like on the headband. Now here is where the hot glue gun comes into play. There may be visible wire when you wear the headband. If so, glue down petals around the showing wire in order to hide them. I am sure there is a way to do this to make the floral crown of a bit more quality, but I find this the easiest and quickest way. 

So there you have it! A floral crown to make you feel sweet and pretty on these cold/gloomy winter days to come. I know I will be wearing mine all year round... with chunky knits now and with a cute sundress later. PS- These little floral crowns I have been making are totally inspired by the lovely blogger K is For Kani. She had an etsy shop where she sells so many lovely pieces. If you are like  me and get a bit impatient to make your own and just want to buy one, check out the ones she has for sale here.

Hope you all enjoyed this little DIY! Stay tuned for   more.


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