1.) Brightening up my days with Bodega flowers. One of my favorite thing about New York City streets.
2.) Getting these kitty cat hangers, making clothing much more fun.
3.) Drinking way too much coffee at Saturday's Surf with Christina
4.) Sitting at the triangle park (don't know if it's called that, but I certainly call it that) on Lafayette Street in SoHo.
5.) Feeling cozy in my fall-inspired sweater and drinking coffee out of mugs the size of my face.
6.) Taking interior inspiration from this room.
7.) Hanging out with this babe all around town, laughing our heads off usually.
8.) Discovering new bakery's... admiring this one in particular in the East Village called Black Hound.
9.) Indulging in cookies from a sweet goodie basket that Cooper Avenue (a hot spot for gourmet food in Miami) sent me.
10.) Going to this bar in Williamsburg called Lucky Dog, where everyone brings their adorable pups to  hang on the patio. This little cutie pie's name is Charlie.


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