Chop, chop, chop

I chopped my hair off! Latest news! (If you follow me on Instagram you've already seen it).

Every time I get my hair trimmed I tell myself that I need to chop off all the dry and split ends. But then I chicken out. Each time.
I HATED seeing how dry and split my ends were. Nothing worse!
Yes, I loved my long hair but I like healthy hair even  more. It will grow - that's what I keep telling myself! Yes, it will grow!

Also, Target has these amazing velvet pants (I noticed in my new J.Crew catalog they have the same color as well). For $23 at Target - you can't go wrong (didn't see them online).

And on a similar note, Kate Spade Friends and Family 30% off ends tomorrow and works on sale items as well (code F12FFUS).  Love this and this bag, simple and classic. And this one has to be my favorite. Ah, love it!

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