Lately I have been....

1.) Running around town (appointments in SoHo in particular) in COATS!
2.) Sunday family breakfasts made by Christina. Best way to start a day ever.
3.) Ryan and I's fall shoes in Central Park.
4.) Spotting pumpkins at grocery stores all around the city. One of the reasons why I love October.
5.) Fall walks with coffee in hand around the East Village
6.) a Funny note that Ryan wrote me while we were working on our computers- he HATES gum (weirdo).
7.) Indulging in Shake Shack.
8.) Strolling around town with this cutie.
9.) Making cupcakes and attempting to decorate them.
10.) Still obsessing over floral headbands
11.) Taking in beautiful cityscapes.
12.) Getting baking inspiration from the tasty treats at Dean & Deluca.

Hope you had a lovely week as well!


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