Saturday Outfit and a ?

Top: F21
Shorts: Loft
Fedora: Target
Purse: Vintage
Shoes: Black ones from Kohls/White Marshalls
Belt: Gap
Necklace: F21

I was going to wear black shoes then switched to white and by the end of the day ended up wearing new gladiator sandals from Banana Republic outlet. They actually looked the best with this outfit...but of course I forgot to take pictures. 
I also need to take a close-up picture of this the bring color combo. 

And just to let you know in what type of town I lady (in her 20's) at the outlet mall (it's 30min away from me but still) told me she liked my whole outfit and then said "let me're probably not from here".  And this outfit wasn't even wow.  

How is your style influenced by the city/town you live in? 
Or what is it influenced by?

I'm curious so do let me know in the comments below :)


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