OOTD and a true story

 Jacket+Capris: Aeropostale (old)
Shirt: Marshalls
Wedges: Target (old)
Necklace: F21

Since the weather has been nice this week I've been spending my lunch hour at a Lake which happens to be across the street from where I work. I drive to the Boat Launch as there are hardly any people there....so it's more peaceful. Me+bench+lake+a book = perfect lunch hour. So perfect it makes it hard to go back to work. 

Anyway, I got to tell you what I saw yesterday.  I had to make a quick stop at Walmart on my lunch hour. On my way to check out I passed a mother with three small children...small girl she was carrying (prob 2yrs old) and two boys...maybe 5 and 7 yrs old. The middle child was screaming at this mother and then he spit at her. I could believe what I saw. Who spits at their mother!?  After checking out I headed over to Subway (inside walmart) and behind me in line came the same mother with her three children. The two boys were loud, screaming, moving chairs around...just being very very bad. The oldest boy says "why is everyone looking at me". Seriously kid? Seriously? I had such a hard time keeping my mouth shut as I waited in line for at least 4 or 5 min. I was staring at the kid as he tells me "stop looking at me" which really made me stare even  more. I stared at him with a look of disapproval (doubt he knows what it means). I was staring until he looked away. 

I thought I was going to see cameras...maybe they were filming for the Nanny show.  But to my disappointment I didn't see any.  I actually can't even describe how bad those kids were. I've only seen kids act like that on TV..usually on the Nanny show...and that mother/kids would be the perfect candidates for it. 

Why are some parents afraid to discipline their children these days? 

I could go on and on...but it's 9min pass my bed time :)  

Nite nite everyone! 


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