Sort of recent...and dress update

Friday's outfit, went shopping with a friend...wore this. Recognize the purse? I'm still so excited as I seriously  You need to check out her fashion blog here.  Thanks again A :)
I've been meaning to do a post on the goodies I got but as you can tell I've been a little behind on blogging lately...

Not sure how many Friday's ago I wore this outfit...but clearly I'm wearing the same jeans. Yes, I do like them a lot.

And I do like my yellow jelly flats a lot to... Wore this outfit sometime last week. Flats & Shirt: J Crew, Cargo Pants: Kohl's

So in my previous post I had to share the lovely dress I came across on Topshop.  Many of you seemed to like it too. Well, while I was at the gym my awesome hubby ordered the dress for me.  Yes, he is awesome like that  :)  Can't wait to get it and try it on.

Hope you had a great Monday!


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