Two outfits I shall share...

Top: J.Crew
Skirt: Thrift Boutique
Shoes: Marshalls (brand Unisa in case you're wondering :)
Bracelets: H&M

Monday's outfit! I don't think it really matters what day the outfit was worn as long as it makes it on this blog, right? Right!

And this outfit is from yesterday...

Shirt and Bracelet: Target
Skirt and Necklace: F21
Sandals: Banana Republic outlet

Considering how much I liked this outfit I can't believe I only took two pictures...two that look pretty much the same. I guess better than nothing..considering that in the past I forgot to take pictures of outfits I really liked. Oh well!
But you know what's great? The fact that I can wear this outfit to it doesn't necessarily look "work appropriate" unless it was a Friday outfit. And what's sort of crazy is that some of my work outfits have been considered too dressy  (if you've been following my blog I don't think "too dressy" would be the correct word for any of my work outfits). The place I work at didn't have a dress code until few years ago when a new lady was hired in HR. It was necessary in my opinion from what I've heard previous Managers wore...and some pictures I've seen.

Does job work place have a strict dress code? Do people follow it?

Have a fabulous Wednesday!



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