Treasure Found

Thank you fashion gods! I went to this store that I
hardly ever go to, I haven't even been since summer.
Anyways, yesterday morning I went to my favorite
bagel place, Einstein's and since I was nearby I went to
it. Anyways, I found the perfect satchel I have been searching
for! Practically identical to the Alexa Mulberry one. I can't
ever afford that one, so this one will have to do. I know it
absolutely will. It fits into my wardrobe so wonderfully,
and I can even fit my giant cameras in it. Both at the same
time even!

I hope you have a lovely start to your weeks!

PS- I thrifted this dress a few years ago... You will never guess
where it is from! The answer is... Express! It is so strange
how much styles at certain stores have changed.

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wearing: thrifted Express dress; f21 blazer; Topshop oxfords; Francesca's satchel


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