OOTD and something else too...

Here is the news: I broke my shopping ban! Yep, sure did.  I totally can justify this one... I needed what I bought...ok maybe not everything (and I only bought 5 items total). I'll post pictures soon of the other three.
Two items I wore today...pants and the booties. I bought these pants at Kohls for only $17.

These were only $18...could not pass them up.

Yesterday I was pretty sad :(   Why?  Hubs and I have been looking at buying a house, even though we're in no rush. We found one that was super super cute (yes, cute). I already started decorating it in my head. Loved the location, loved the layout, the yard. So I told my hubby to go ahead and schedule an appointment. Now the sad news.....They already received an offer on the house which they accepted.  I couldn't believe how sad that made me. I knew I shouldn't have gotten so excited.  So at this point I don't even want to look anymore...the search stops for now.  

Hope your start of the week was better :-)



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