Time for a change

For couple of weeks now I'm been dreaming about a new hair color and possibly a new hair cut.  As much as I like dark hair and it is low maintenance (no roots touch-ups every 5-6 weeks) I've missed having lighter hair.  Maybe not necessarily missed it but I think darker hair makes me look older. Perhaps it is just the right shade of brown I need and dark brown is not it. These are some of my hair color inspirations:

These are different shades yet very similar....but you get the idea, right!?  I'm a little nervous do go lighter since I just recently colored my hair and made the mistake of using permanent color vs semi permanent. It's really all about the right shade of brown, light brown or dark blond....the shade that is right for my skin tone....and I need warm tones.

Looking at old pictures, when I had light hair, doesn't help much as I always had a tan. 

So there is my dilemma of the day! 

Hope your Monday was a good one! 



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