Layered Look

I don't know about you all, but I just LOVE layering in
the winter and fall. It basically opens up a wardrobe,
and adds a billion outfit possibilities to the table. Sure,
sometimes an absolutely crazy look can be created, but I
think the more unique the better! I wore this dress all the time
this summer and the fact that I can layer it up to wear it in the
winter is just amazing! Oh and the story on this bag- I actually
bought it the same day I got the alexa look-a-like. Minutes before,
in fact. Anyways, I tried to return it immediately after I found
the Alexa one but boo hoo, it was a sale item and could not be returned.
Oh well! I have grown to like it.

Well I hope everyone has an AMAZING thanksgiving! I have
to say that I am so thankful at this point. So many great people
are in my life as well as opportunities. Pumpkin pie will
taste extra good this year.

PS- the last photo is quite goofy, but I just wanted to show
off my rings, hehe ^_^

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outfit: thrifted dress; Cardigan via Nastygal; f21 tighs, shoes, bag;


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