OOTD: Line me up

Today's outfit! Two posts in a day, how crazy is that. Except my first post doesn't show up on the Dashboard among other posts...hmmm...not sure why. If you missed my $15 faux fur vest post, you can see it here.

*Coat - Guess
*Sweater - The Limited (old)
*Blazer - Marshalls
*Pants - Express (old)
*Shoes - DSW
*Belt - Came with a skirt
*Necklace - ? (some store in St. Louis)

So for a while now I've been wanting to post pictures next to each other, do the two column thing but I've no idea how to do it. You are probably saying right now that this post has couple pictures next to it... Well, I just kind of drag them around until they line up next to each other (therefore the title of this post)...which at times, most times, doesn't work and it's a pain.

Do any of you know how to do the two column picture post?  Please share if you do!

Have a fab evening!


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