Crop-top Sweater

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Hello, Hello! So it is three days before Chirstmas, and it has

been in the 80's in Texas. Crazy, huh? I want snow or something!

I mean 40 degree weather would even be acceptable. But this

is just nonsense. Anyways, the weather did permit me to

wear this crop-top sweater. I have always wanted to try out

the whole crop top thing, but never felt quite comfortable

with it. Figures that I would be attracted to a granny-esque

crop-top haha. Oh and I did some jewelry closeups because

I have been totally into gothic stones lately. They are just so,

so pretty. Okay and I am finally getting to answer all

the formspring's that I have been delaying to answer!

Feel freeeee to ask me anything here: My Formspring.

Some of you have been really sweet to me on there,

so thanks :)

Below are some beautiful fashion sketches drawn of me thanks

to Yajaira! It was so sweet of her, so I just had to post it


PS- I have no idea what my facial expressions are about

in photos #1 & #7. Why so serious?! I have no idea.

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